New City College of Nursing Udupi, affiliated to RGUHS, is a well-known Educational Institution located at the heart of famous Temple town Udupi. It’s a familiar name both in academic and social activities. Various curricular and extra-curricular activities are regularly conducted over here, involving the active participation of the Management, the teaching faculty and the student fraternity. An overview of few programmes is given below:


The Students Nurses Association (SNA) organized republic day and quiz competition on 26th January 2019. The programme started at 9:15am .Ms Supriya of 4th year welcomed the gathering .The National flag was hoisted by Dr .Ramesh Naik chairman New City school & college of Nursing .Once the national anthem was sung, the significance of the day was explained by Mrs. Godfrey Selma Lewis, the Principal with a call to honor the constitution by letter & spirit. Ms Supriya from IV BSC nursing aptly compared the programme.

On behalf of Republic day programme SNA organized Quiz competition for the students. The quiz competition was started at 10:00 am with eight teams. There were total 4 rounds including general round, identity round, buzzer round and rapid fire round. The team marigold secured First prize and team Daffodil secured second prize .

Dr.Ramesh Naik chairman distributed academic proficiency prizes of BSc, GNM & DMLT for the year 2017-2018 and also for the quiz winners .The programme was wound at 11:00 am and sweets were distributed to all . Mrs Geena D'Souza ,Assistant professor was the quiz master, assisted by cultural co ordinator Mr. Ranjith Amin.

Report on International Women’s Day

The Students Nurses Association (SNA) on behalf of “International Women’s Day” organized street play on 8th March 2019 at 8.30 am on the street near city bus stand Udupi, with a theme on problems faced by women in the society and family and overcoming . SNA advisor Mrs Geena Louis Dsouza and Asst . lecturer Ms. Sandya coordinated the event. Ms Ashwini of 2nd year Bsc was the commentator presented the play. A reasonable amount of spectators watched the play.

Visit to anatomy museum-27th & 28th Feb 2019

Our students 1st BSc & 1st GNM of New city College & school paid a visit to the Anatomy museum, Manipal University, on 27th and 28th of February as a part of their study programme. We are reffering to the 55year old anatomy museum of the Kasturba Medical College, which has been set up to teach the medical students the intricacies of the human body. Nearly 1000 true specimens of human body preserved in huge glass jars filled with formalin solution. It is not a place where one can engage oneself emotionally. The science too was an ideology and that one would appreciate this museum better with some unreason and emotion. Three of our faculty members, Mrs Mariet D’souza, Mrs Nisha, and Mrs Jayalaxmi accompanied our students during this visit.

A visit to District Govt. Hospital, Ajjarkad Udupi.

The group of students, from our College, paid a visit to Government Hospital, Ajjarkad, to understand and learn the functioning of solid and liquid waste management system, on 21st February, 2019, as a part of their on the site practical learning and understanding. The experts in the SLRM led by Mrs. Jyothi, explained the process of Bio-medical waste management and the segregation of general waste, generated specially from the Hospital, houses, market and other public places. These waste items after segregation will be recycled, as all items are not necessarily useless but after some process like vegetable waste etc. will be utilized as compost manure in agricultural farms. The nearby eco-friendly farm made out of utilizing these manures and fertilizers was shown to the visitors which possessed very fertile soil, fresh, green surroundings and filled with variety of fruit bearing vegetable plants.

Experts also explained how to separate dry waste and wet waste and its commercial value.

Mrs. Nisha Assistant Lecturer of College led the team and accompanied them to the outreach programme.

International Cancer awareness day-04/02/ 2019

The Cancer awareness programme was organized as part of World Cancer Day, in association with District Govt Hospital, and various Govt health departments. and New City College of Nursing Udupi on Monday, 4th February, 2019, in the open air park near the Hospital Ajjarkad, which was attended by large number of people from various walks of life.

Eminent and well known resource persons and expert Doctors spoke on this occasion explained the main causes, various stages and types of Cancer and modern medical treatments available for the cure and care of this decease and patients...

All the speakers’ stressed on that, prevention is better than cure and highlighted the value of cleanliness, food habits by avoiding junk and keeping away with tobacco and harmful drugs. They also explained the role of healthy diet and exercise in the prevention of this deadly Cancer. Our students from the New City College of Nursing presented an interesting and educative short play on this occasion. In the street play, practitioners depicted the effects of tobacco consumption, addiction, cigarettes and using tobacco content products. The simple but effective narratives succeeded in convincing common men who watched the play attentively.

The Organizers’ appreciated the efforts of our students and the teachers who guided them.

Mental health nursing- 19/01/2019

As a part of clinical posting programme of mental health nursing students of 3rd year BSc & 2nd year GNM organized a study programme 19/01/2019- Prevention of mental illness at Dr. A.V Baliga Hospital, Doddanagudde, Udupi. Mrs.Mariet D’Souza, Lecturer, Mrs. Edna Nursing superintendent & Mrs.Supriya were present.

Cultural program like dance, singing & games were conducted by our students which is the part of Recreational therapy for mentally ill patients. Dr. A V Baliga hospital authorities cooperated in organizing the above programme. At the end Snacks were provided to the patients & Prizes were distributed to the winners.

Child health nursing programme - 06/03/2019

A School Health Programme on prevention of accidents among children was conducted on 6th March, 2019, as a part of child health Nursing Clinical requirement at Anganavadi Centre at Kadbettu, Udupi.

Our New City College of Nursing 3rd year GNM Students organized and presented the event. Over couple of dozen small children and most importantly their parents were given useful tips, how to be alert, prevent, use safety precaution measures etc. They were also familiarized with the safe and proper way of utilizing domestic electrical equipment, kitchen sharp cutlery, knifes, cooking gas, etc.

They were also appraised the need of cleanliness, proper storage in the houses, especially the areas where children normally move around and play. At the end all the participants appreciated the initiative and expressed their satisfaction and happiness in witnessing such useful events.

Pediatric bed side teaching programme -22/02/2019

Our New city College of Nursing 3rd year BSc & 2nd GNM students organized mass health teaching programme on ‘Proper usage of Mobile & how to prevent mobile addiction among children ’ during the child health nursing clinical posting .Both parents as well as patients appreciated the effort of our students and teachers who organized this.Bedside teaching remains the most effective way of imparting competency in clinical skills in nursing education. Bedside teaching include; learning in context, impartation of clinical skills, nurturing and development of clinical reasoning. In addition, bedside teaching provides opportunity for role modelling, professional thinking, observation of communication skills, team work and integration of communication skills, clinical skills and ethical issues in the process of patient care. These emphasise the need for adequate preparation, setting of clear objectives before teaching, active participation, gentle correction during teaching, feedback and discussion of sensitive issues away from the patient.

Community Health Nursing programme-14/02/2019

Our students of 4th year BSc and 3rd year GNM organized & presented the programme on antenatal and post natal exercise and care on 14-2-2019 at Primary health centre, Malpe,. Around 30 antenatal and post natal mothers as well as their family members were given importance of ANC to reduce the risk of stillbirths & pregnancy complications & to give women positive pregnancy & motherhood experience. The New City College students demonstrated the exercise to the public as a part of the programme. The authorities of Primary health centre, Malpe, cooperated in organizing the above programme. At the end, Snacks were provided to the patients.

Community school health programme.

As part of community health nursing clinical posting requirement ,our students of New City College & school of nursing organized out reach programme on personal hygiene at TMA Pai primary School, Kadabettu, Udupi. Importance of maintaining personal hygiene & hand hygiene was stressed to maintain a good health, which is the most effective way one can protect oneself from many illness especially gastro-intestinal diseases. Study material was presented with the help of power point presentation. Children were watching it attentively throughout the programme. The school authorities were very cooperative and thanked the students for their initiative and effort in educating the primary school children.

SNA election-2019.

Farewell to outgoing batch of students:

Final Year B.Sc. & Third year GNM 2017 – 18 were given a touching farewell on 12 th July 2018 During the farewell programme, chairman Dr.Ramesh Nayak wished them better prospect in their carrier.

Orientation Programme for freshers:

New Batch of students, together with their parents was introduced to the College on 25/07/2018. The programme was given a start by the Chairman Dr. Ramesh Nayak, with an introductory talk about the state of the art facilities in the College Campus, Hostel and the adjacent Hospital. Asst. Prof. Arundathi explained the general rules and regulations to be followed in the College. GNM Principal Mrs. Priya narrated the in-house facilities available in the College, such as Library, Laboratory etc. College Principal Mrs. G. Selma Lewis, while welcoming the new batch requested parents to keep in constant contacts with teaching faculty as it is the joint responsibility of students, parents and teachers to impart well- disciplined quality education.

Independence Day Celebrations on 15 th August, 2018.

National Tricolor was unfurled and National Anthem was sung by the students. Principal Mrs. G. Selma Lewis in her brief speech narrated the rights and duties of the students in the nation building mission especially as responsible nurses in the health care. Refreshments were provided.

Breast feeding week was conducted on 4th August 2018

Aimed to create awareness of the links between the good nutrition, food security, poverty reductions and popularize actions to increase breast feeding among the postnatal mothers in the Govt. Maternity Hospital. Different positions of breast feeding, importance of good nutrition along with supplements, exclusive breast feeding for six months were highlighted during the outreach programme. Mothers were provided samples of nutritive packages of food during the session, was highly appreciated by the participants.

Mega Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June, 2018 at Asha Nilaya.

It was jointly organized by Lombard Mission Hospital, Badagubettu Co-operative Society, Alva’s College and New City College, with the differently abled inmates, to educate and bring awareness of preventive health care and fitness. Placards, brochures etc. were distributed. Importance of yoga physical and mental growth and stability was highlighted by various speakers.

Pookulum celebrated on 22 nd August, 2018.

Students enthusiastically participated in the onam especially Malayalam speaking group volunteered to lay colorful Rangoli and best three groups were honored with prizes which were handed over by the Chairman.

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